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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Arkansas Family Blog Says McDaniel Flip Flops

Click on the title of this post to see a perspective on McDaniel's flip-flopping on an issue.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Works With Them All and It Works For Us

There is news of late that Paul Suskie was a very involved democrat in his younger days. That's good. That means he remembers the excitement in the D's of the Bumpers, Pryor (the first), Clinton, Clark, et. al.

The exciting thing about Paul is he is also a military man, a military expert really, and he knows how everyone must work together to get things done. We don't think liberal dems will not support him because he can work with the dreaded Rs.

Suskie is a new man for a new time.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Contrary to What David Sanders Says-

Mr. Suskie assures PSA that he was NOT a republican in college, or ever for that matter, as asserted by the Arkansas News Bureau's David Sanders in a column today. Suskie tells us that he has a call in to Sanders to get this information corrected.

Friday, October 21, 2005

From Day One- in the Texarkana Gazette

NLR city attorney throws hat in ring for AG post

By JIM WILLIAMSON Texarkana Gazette

Hope Police Chief J.R. Wilson took vacation time Tuesday to introduce Paul Suskie as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Arkansas attorney general.

"Paul Suskie is a go-getter and a self-starter with common sense. He will roll up his sleeves and go to work and not sit behind a desk and think of theories. He is an innovator with new approaches," Wilson said during a campaign stop at Texarkana Regional Airport.

The two met during in-service training programs where Suskie worked on setting up nuisance abatement programs to eliminate drug houses in neighborhoods.

"He was enthusiastic and worked with us. Most people are interested in the paycheck," Wilson said. "They do their job and go home. He got involved in his work and I respect him.
"He is no phony. He can get the job done and I support the man."

Suskie, 34, currently serves as the North Little Rock city attorney, a position he's held since 2000. He has worked in all three levels of government and started his legal career in the Arkansas Attorney General's Office under Winston Bryant.

Suskie has worked in both the Washington and Little Rock offices of former U.S. Sen. David Pryor. Suskie served as assistant city attorney prior to becoming city attorney in an election that made him the youngest person elected to that position in North Little Rock history.

His wife, Erica, also worked for Bryant as well as Attorney General Mark Pryor.

Suskie served as a major in the Arkansas Army National Guard's Judge Advocate General Corps and returned in June from a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom.

"My experience in Afghanistan has given me a greater understanding of what public service is really all about. Some of my colleagues made the ultimate sacrifice," Suskie said. "They did not return home. We are all indebted to them.

"I made a promise to myself that whether as a father, a husband, a friend or as a public official, I will always live my life so as to honor those who laid down their lives in service to America's ideals."

Suskie said that as attorney general he would focus on protecting consumers, especially vulnerable seniors, from scam artists and price gougers. He also wants to maintain fair and affordable utility rates, keep criminals behind bars and expand innovative programs to rid neighborhoods of drug houses, such as the SAFE program he started.

Suskie also said he would work with law enforcement to protect children from Internet predators and address the needs of missing and exploited children.

He also pledged to work across party lines to help pass needed legislation as he said he did recently with Republican state Rep. Jeremy Hutchinson to strengthen state meth laws.

Upon returning from his tour of duty in Afghanistan, Suskie said he needed a haircut, but his regular barbershop was closed. He went to a new shop where several men were getting haircuts.
The men started "talking politics" when they realized he was the North Little Rock city attorney. He thought he was going to be recognized for his work, but one man asked if his wife had been on the television game show "Wheel of Fortune."

The man in the barbershop was correct-Erica Suskie had appeared on the show and won $46,000 plus a trip to Jamaica.

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Mel Thrash, who also endorses Suskie, attended Tuesday's campaign stop and remarked on Suskie's background.

If Suskie wins the election, he and his wife will become the first couple to have both worked in the Attorney General's office.

"Using my public, legal and military experience, I know that I am prepared to defend and represent the state of Arkansas effectively just as I have the city of North Little Rock, with hard work, innovation and tenacity," Suskie said.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hopeful Addresses Senior Democrats

Suskie says that he would expand powers to state level to help war on drugs


SPRINGDALE — Attorney general hopeful Paul Suskie wants to expand to the state level the powers that cities and counties now have to fight drug houses, if he wins the race. After a Tuesday speech to the Senior Democrats of Northwest Arkansas, Suskie said he would lobby the state Legislature to give the attorney general’s office the authority to file criminal nuisance abatement lawsuits.

City attorneys and prosecuting attorneys have used the lawsuits for years to shut down properties that serve as havens for drug dealing or drug manufacturing and other criminal activity. While serving in his current job as North Little Rock’s city attorney, Suskie said, he started a comprehensive nuisance abatement program that was modeled on programs in Dallas and Kansas City, Mo. But not all Arkansas cities and counties have the resources to clean up their drug houses and methamphetamine labs alone — especially in rural areas, he said. Under Suskie’s idea, local governments could seek out the attorney general for help. The office could file lawsuits and help the smaller jurisdictions with their overall abatement programs.

Suskie said that his experience running North Little Rock’s Support, Abatement, Fines and Enforcement team, makes him the person to help them. “What we do is use nontraditional laws to address crime,” he said of the program, also known as SAFE.

Suskie said he would employ innovative methods in making consumer protection his top priority. The attorney general, a constitutional officer, is Arkansas’ top law enforcement official and consumer advocate. Historically, the office has had little enforcement authority in criminal matters.

Suskie also would like to encourage more programs like North Little Rock’s Police Athletic League program for at-risk youth elsewhere in the state. Suskie believes the program, in which North Little Rock police, Boys and Girls’ Club officials and others coach youth sports teams and teach art classes, helps curb youth arrests.

So far, Suskie is facing two other Democrats in the race for their party’s nomination for attorney general. The others are Saline County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Herzfeld of Benton and state Rep. Dustin McDaniel of Jonesboro. On the Republican side, state Sen. Gunner DeLay of Fort Smith has announced for the office.

Suskie also said he would be a strong advocate for the citizens’ sunshine law, the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, and would work to prevent unnecessary exemptions from being added to it. “As the law says, it’s to be liberally construed,” Suskie said.

Suskie said that federal policy determines fuel prices, but that the attorney general can play a role in pushing for longterm policies that would reduce or stop fuel price increases. He said he would push for alternative fuels such as ethanol, which would produce an added benefit for farmers statewide who grow the natural resources used in making new fuels.

Suskie also fielded a question from Tuesday’s group on his stance on the medical use of marijuana. He said that, as the state’s attorney, he would be obligated to abide by the law if and until it is changed.

“Obviously, federal law prohibits it,” Suskie said. “As long as the federal government says it’s illegal — it’s illegal.”

This story was published Wednesday, October 19, 2005
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